• First factory

    First factory

    After its establishment in 1972, Elif completed its production line step by step. In 1976, Elif moved its production facility to its first factory.

  • Second factory

    Second factory

    Elif opened its second factory in 1990 to meet the growing demand from its customers. Elif continued to invest on its production lines in order to develop product portfolio, increase efficiency and give better service for its customers.

  • Third factory

    Third factory

    Elif opened the third factory in 1994 as the fastest growing company in the industry.
  •  Investment for state of the art machines

    Investment for state of the art machines

    Elif started to revitalize its production line with state of the art machines in 1995.2004: Elif introducing its new, global benchmark factory

    Elif proved its visioneer approach once again by moving all of its facilities from three separate factories to its new, state-of-the-art, purpose-built factory designed by considering energy efficiency, European safety regulations/standards and utility system automation. The new factory of Elif is shown as one of the benchmark production facilities in the world with architecture of construction, infrastructure and high technology of production and scale.

    The fastest growing packaging company in Turkey

    Elif is honored as the Fastest Growing Company in Turkish Packaging Sector and ranked 12th among the 250 fastest growing companies in Turkish Industry between 1990 and 1995.

    1995 was also the first year that Elif took place in "500 Largest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey" list announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

  • Elif working for a greener city

    Elif working for a greener city

    Elif planted more than 15.000 trees in Istanbul. In addition to the employment opportunity generated by Elif for the city citizens, Elif Forest is the heritage given to the beautiful city of Istanbul by Elif.
  • First phase re-organization & certification of ISO 9001

    First phase re-organization & certification of ISO 9001

    Elif completed first phase of re-organization of its processes to adopt the concept of Total Quality Approach over all of its processes and awarded with ISO 9001 Quality Management System for all of its production factories.

  • Elif joined National Quality Movement

    Elif joined National Quality Movement

    Elif joined “National Quality Movement” lead by KalDer (Turkish Society for Quality), the outstanding representative of Total Quality Management in Turkey. Elif again became the pioneer of quality in its sector by completing the trainings required in this framework and signing “National Quality Movement Goodwill Decleration” in 2000.
  • Second phase re-organization

    Second phase re-organization

    After collecting all facilities under one roof in new factory, Elif consolidated operations of all factories in new plant and successfully completed second phase reorganization.
  • Detection and protection system implementation

    Detection and protection system implementation

    Elif implemented a very effective fire detection and protection system that controls solvent, natural gas and electricity lines.

    Re-use of extrusion process heat

    With the implementation of purpose to build system, the heat released from extrusion process is started to be used to maintain warehouse temperature between desired limits.

    Solvent recovery and distillation system

    Elif integrated a new solvent recovery and distillation system to minimize waste solvent. This minimal solvent is removed by waste removal plants authenticated by Ministry of Environment and City together with other dangerous wastes.

    A plate washing machine working with special cleaning liquids rather than solvent is also started to be used in 2006 for the same purpose and to minimize worker integration in the plate cleaning process.

  • Certification of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000

    Certification of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 22000

    After ISO 9001 certification in 1997, Elif continues achieving new certifications parallel to its sustainable development. In 2007, Elif have been awarded with ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety Management certificates.
  • New water treatment system

    New water treatment system

    Various water treatment systems designed for different purposes in the aim to reuse the water in a close circle. The excess of the treated waste water is used for irrigation.

    In year 2008, recovery discharge water is started to be used in cooling towers for further energy saving and reuse of water in closed loop.

    Energy saving in drying units of printer lines

    Elif exchanged the on-off electrical system with rata ignition system in hot oil and water boilers for drying purpose in printing lines in order to minimize energy consumption.

  • Elif became a member of SEDEX

    Elif became a member of SEDEX

    In 2010, Elif became a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) which has more than 21,000 members globally. As a member of SEDEX, Elif is being audited periodically according to SMETA (SEDEX Members Ethical Trade Audit) and assuring self improvements of his sustainability and ethical policies.

    New air circulation system

    In 2010, Elif modified roof system of extrusion area in order to maximize air circulation.

  • Elif is BRC/IoP accredited

    Elif is BRC/IoP accredited

    Elif is proud to announce that it has been awarded the BRC/IOP Global Technical Standard Grade A for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification demonstrating its continuous investments on comprehensive quality and hygiene management.

    5S and TPM kick-off

    Elif kicked of 5S system implementation and preparatory work for TPM implementation.

    Environmental-friendly systems for cooling and drying systems

    Elif implemented in new cooling and drying systems to prevent release of gases hazardous to the ozone. The new cooling and drying systems use ozone-friendly gases and prevent the potential pollution of natural resources.

    Compressor heat recovery system

    In 2011, heat recovery and concurrent aging systems are effectuated for compressors.

  • Egypt investment

    Egypt investment

    Elif has officialized its globalization with a key stone investment for a new state-of-art factory in Egypt.


    Environment Permit

    Elif  achived to be the first company in packaging sector by  fullfilling the competencies to get the Environment Permit.  Within the context of the Regulation regarding Compulsory Permits and Licenses according to Environment Law, Elif has been documented by Environment Permit on 15.03.2012. 


    World’s largest scaled heat recovery project

    Elif implemented the largest scaled heat recovery project around the the world in order to raise the standarts for more effective energy management  with the support of Atlas Copco.


    Environmental Sustainability Award

    Elif is announced among the companies that earned the highest score possible in Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard of the  P&G.


    Small Steps for the Future Workshop

    Elif  became the technology sponsor of "Enlightened Classes - Small Steps to the Future Workshop" project organized under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education.


    “Green factory” with ISO 50 001 and ISO 14 064

    Elif started its studies for energy management system and carbon footprint reporting in orfer to obtain ISO 50 001 and ISO 14 064 standards parallel to its sustainable growth strategy.


    New investments in Elif Istanbul plant

    Elif has increased capacity and capability of its printing and cutting operations with new investments in its benchmark factory located in Istanbul.


    UN initiative, Global Compact

     Elif sent the Letter of Commitment to the United Nations Global Compact in order to make its corporate environment and social  responsibility official on global platform.



  • New, fully comprehensive ERP system for sustainable global growth

    New, fully comprehensive ERP system for sustainable global growth

    Elif, the leading flexible packaging company in the sector, realized a strategic project, which supports its sustainable growth by developing its existing corporate and business resource planning systems through a project full of “the firsts” covering all SAP modules.


    Coca-Cola rewarded Elif's sustainability approach

    Elif was rewarded by the prestigious Green Supplier Award of Coca-Cola for its "Energy NOsume" energy consumption minimization program.


    Elif is the single packaging supplier of Ontex that provides "Excellence in Sustainability”

    Elif, known and preferred worldwide through its quality in the flexible packaging solutions, has been nominated as one the candidates for the “Ontex Award for Supplier of the Year 2013” in the category “Excellence in Sustainability”.


    Elif fights against food waste through ‘SAVE FOOD' initiative of the United Nations

    Elif is proud to be a part of the SAVE FOOD2 initiative of the United Nations at Interpack 2014 for preventing food waste and loss of valuable resources.


    Gold Award for the innovation in flexo-printing technology

    Elif has been granted the Gold Award in the contest “Moon Stars of Packing 2013” for its promotional nuts packing that was produced by using the latest techniques and technologies in packaging technology.


    P&G recognized Elif as one of the Top Performing Global Partners

    Elif has been recognized with  ‘P&G 2013 External Business Partner Excellence  Award’ acknowledging performance, collaboration and partnership.


    Elif helps to protect the planet

    Elif,on Saturday March 23 at 8:30pm-9:30pm, joined millions of people around the world in turning off its lights during Earth Hour the world’s largest environmental movement. Elif turned off the lights for one hour for the symbolic event aimed at drawing awareness to environmental problem particulary to climate change. 


    ‘Human Respect Award’ for Elif

    Elif is honored with ‘Human Respect Award’ once again, proving importance and value of human resources for Elif. In accordance with the objectives of sustainable growth, Elif believes that its employees are the most valuable asset of the company in order to continue its sustainable growth and development.  


    Elif advances  28 steps on the Industrial Giants List

    Elif  advanced 28 steps on the ISO 500 2012 list (500 Largest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey) announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

  • One more time “Human Respect Award” goes to Elif

    One more time “Human Respect Award” goes to Elif

    Brings individuals with different histories, cultures, approaches,perspectives and care experiences in order to enrich their ideas, solutions and flexibility, Elif,  once again was granted ‘Human Respect  Award’ by


    Ipek Kagıt graded Elif’s outperformance with A

    Elif is pleased to be declared as İpek Kağıt’s A Grade Supplier Quality Group which honors  suppliers who have excelled at driving business value and innovation. 


    Elif turns of its lights for a bright future with WWF ‘Earth Hour’

    Elif turned its lights off on Saturday March 29 between 8:30 – 9:30 pm in local time for Eart Hour, an annual event aimed at raising awareness about energy consumption and climate change.


    ElifCare, future of the sustainable packaging

    Elif offers a new bio-degradable flexible packaging material for brand owners with its patented  ElifCare bio-degradable solution.


    Elif was on the stage on ÇEVKO Green Dot Award Dinner

    Elif, took its place on stage again with their future-oriented projects which are conducted under sustainability, environmental protection and waste management issues, at the Night for ÇEVKO Green Dot Awards.


    Elif embraces the animals under shelter

    Elif, adding a new one to its value added projects for life every day in line with the sustainability policy and considering the social responsibility projects through wide framework, supported Yedikule Animal Shelter with cat and dog food.


    Award of Excellence in Sustainability within the scope of Ontex- Supplier of the Year Award is granted to Elif

    Elif has been rewarded with the Award of Excellence in Sustainability during the Night of Supplier of the Year2014, organized by Ontex, Europe's leading manufacturer of private label hygiene products, for the second time and blazed a trail with her Success within the packaging industry.


    Packing for the next generation from Elif

    With the awareness that improving the conditions of life and education of future generations is the most important value for the community, Elif donated hygiene products and cleaning supplies to the Bahçelievler Child Protection Institute also this year as in previous years.


    Packaging for Life for Kids with leukemia

    Elif continues to support little hands reach for the sun by sustaining its traditional LOSEV social responsibility projects with LOSEV Shop Transport Bag Sponsorship.


    Special Prize from ISO (Istanbul Chamber of Industry) to Elif’s “NOsume Energy” Project Introducing The Benefit of 10.000 Trees To The World

    Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO) awarded the Special Prize to the Compressor heat recovery application put into practice by Elif under its energy consumption minimization program in its 14th Environment and Energy Awards.


    Elif, entered the‘Turkish R&D Champions’ list

    Elif took its place in the"Turkish R&D 250" ranking list, which presents data and intentions regarding the private sector in Turkey. The ranking is also important as being the only R&D research in Turkey.

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