While the main role of the packaging is protecting the product, it also serves for informing and performing for functional purposes. Sustainability of packaging is dependent on all of these three functions of packaging.
Packaging is not only a communication tool for marketeers but also an information platform for consumers. While right dosing and storage instructions can prevent product waste and protect community health, recycling and other green informations like carbon footprint and supply chain tracing help to increase the sustainability of the packaging itself.
Packaging also serves many purposes in terms of functionality and contributes to sustainability in the supply chain and the community. Easy handling, less storage space and other convenience functions contributes to sustainability of both economy and community as well as environment.
Optimum packaging should extend product shelf life to the required level and protect the product against physical, chemical and microbial damage to minimise food spoilage and maximize community health. Therefore, reducing the amount of packaging also ends up in reducing its sustainability impact due to product waste/spoilage or spread of health issues in the community.