Trademarks are an important means for making a company and its products known. With time, trademarks acquire a character of their own and are symbols to the customers and consumers, conveying messages such as quality, reliability and know-how.


Elif is the name of our company and the name and the logo are together registered trademarks. The name was chosen when the company was established. "Elif" is the first letter of the ancient alphapet standing for intelligence, leadership, partnership and innovation as well as our cultural awareness and corporate passion.

Correct use

Trademarks of Elif must be used correctly, both orally and in writing, and should only be used in connection with products that are produced by Elif.

Some general principles can be used:

  • Always use the full and proper name of our trademarks;
  • Trademarks are special features and should stand out in a distinct manner;
  • Trademarks should be provided with the designation ® or ™ when used;
  • Since a trademark is not a noun, it should never be used with only an article, in plural or in genitive;
  • Always regard Elif trademarks as consecutive forms and avoid separating them.
Contact us

For additional information or comments, please Contact Elif Marketing and Corporate Communications Department.