Ribbon Knotted Wicket Bags

We offer an innovative wicket bag for the feminine care market with ribbon knots. The new wicket bag is an exciting and chic alternative to the standard wicket bags on the market. The ribbon knotted wicket bag converting line is produced exclusively for Elif and is the first wicket bag making  machine that is capable of inserting the ribbon through the edges of the bag and making a knot on the ribbon automatically.  The availability of our exclusive ribbon knotted wicket bag technology on the specific converting machine broadens the consumer perception of wicket bags beyond the standart applications. The new wicket bag with ribbon is expected to attract especially young users of feminine hygiene pads with its chic and elegant look on the shelves as well as functional reclosability for all users. The ribbon helps users to  re-open and re-close the wicket bag in a simple way after tearing the perforation, and ensures safe and neat storage of the products during the usage.