Discovering Elif

Elif is an unrivalled packaging partner, with global and diverse culture serving 360° tangible excellence for its customers with continuous innovation and sustainable practice. Elif defines itself in three fundamental blocks:

–– Vision & Mission: Elif's strategic framework for significant success
–– Corporate Personality: Articulating Elif's unique approach to conducting work every day.
–– Corporate Values: Reflecting the behaviors that shape the tone of how Elif works with its customers and partners as well as its internal working principals.

Core target of Elif is to continue to be a Global Benchmark Company in the Packaging Sector by providing high quality and service standard and creating long term value for its business partners, Elif members and the society by ensuring the sustainability.

The diverse community of Elif's co-workers and employees are integral to the company's success for that target. Elif values, respects, and includes every individual that make Elif achieve that target within the corporate personality and values.

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