ElifCare Pine Nut Project

Seed Cultivation and Care:

· For germination of the seeds, steep them in water for one day in order to enable them to be adequately moisturized.

· You can make small pot by cutting out the top of a pet bottles of 0.5 l and drill 2-3 holes at a height of 10 cm and at the bottom, or you can use a flower pot.

· Fill the pot with the flower soil, which is available in the convenience stores or florists.

· Sow2 seeds together to a depth of half cm from the ground surface.

· Please pay attention to keep the soil constantly moist for germination of seeds.

· Keep the pots in which you sowed the seeds in airy and non-smoking environment.

· Grow your sapling in the shade on your balcony in spring and summer seasons.

· You can plant your sapling in an open area after the first year;if the sapling will be kept in your house for more than one year, you can transfer it to a larger pot with its soil.

· Elif thanks you for your contribution to natural life.