Corporate Values

Elif’s Corporate Values reflect the behaviours that shape the tone of how Elif works within the ecosystem of customers, partners and co-workers. Elif creates value by over fulfilling the needs of customers in a spirit of innovation, through continuous passion for excellence and with a clear desire for sustainable development.

An unrivalled packaging partner, with global and diverse culture serving 360° Tangible Experience for its customers with continuous innovation and sustainable practice.
Fundamental policy of Elif is Business Excellence: Elif continuously pursue excellence to make its customers experience the Excellence not only today but also tomorrow in all geographies and under all conditions.

Elif’s understanding of Excellence is continuously training the employees under the roof of Elif with the latest technology it possesses, continuously performing the production and service that will exceed customers’ expectations in terms of their needs and continuously increasing the targets after each success Elif has achieved. This understanding within the dynamic corpoate framework will ensure Elif to increase its market share with the contribution of all of the employees and close tracking of the scientific and technological developments, continuoe its development and growth, and cultivate an unrivalled brand from “Elif” nominated as the standard of quality.
Innovation is a means of applying technology, art and know-how to developing and differentiating products and services, retaining and strenghtening market positions, building stronger brands and driving sustainable growth for Elif and therefore its customers.

The challenge is not to make products and services to fulfill customer expectations but relentlessly force competencies of Elif to exceed those expectations. Therefore, Elif is continuously looking for state of the art facilities with full awareness of which improvements are imminent and what can be made possible for its customers. Elif specifically implements this potential to constantly carry its customers one step ahead.
Elif exists for the purpose of creating value by increasing the standard of living and quality of life of its employees and otherwise contributing to the economic, environmental, and social well-being of customers, suppliers, and the nations in which the company transacts business.

The objective of Elif's sustainable development is to ensure the continued existence of the company as an economic factor, as an employer in the region, in harmony with the environment and the standards of regional and national society in the long-term. Sustainable management forms the basis of Elif’s commercial success. Conscious consideration of its social and societal responsibility, as well as conscientious handling of natural resources and the environment, are integral parts of Elif’s self-image.