Corporate Policies And Standards

Board of Elif supports  the highest standards of corporate governance and best practice and are committed to the principles of transparency, integrity and accountability. Good corporate governance and transparency are fundamental to achieving Elif's vision of becoming a Global Benchmark Company in the Packaging Sector by providing high quality and service standard. Elif strives for excellence in products offered and in the way it does business throughout all its customers, suppliers and partners in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.  This precision applies equally to transparency in reporting and meeting the expectations of regulators, shareholders and the public.

Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy
Elif corporate code of conduct and ethics. More… 
Human Resources Policy
Elif invests in peope. More…
Disclosure Policy
Elif policy on information disclosed to Elif. More
Occupational Health & Safety Policy
Elif occupational health and safety policy to ensure safe and injury free operations. More
Social Responsibility Policy
Elif policy on managing operations in an socially responsible and sustainable way. More
Product Safety Policy
Elif policy on product safety. More

Quality Policy
Elif core quality policy.  More...
Elif Information Security Policy
Elif corporate data protection policy. More...