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Career & Co-Worker Development

Career & Co-Worker Development

The quality and service which Elif promise can only be achieved with qualified employees. Therefore, Elif selects high quality employees and invest in them to make them even more qualified for the road in front of them. Co-worker development is integrated into Elif's performance management process, with one of the outcomes of a co-worker's performance review being development planning.

We organize tailor-made induction programs for each position to ensure the new co-workers receive consistent introductory training about Elif and the industry dynamics. At Elif, it is believed that competencies and capabilities develop on-the-job as well as formal training programs and training tools. Elif builds capability through 'on the job learning' as well as through formal programs and processes, and training and development tools across the organisation. Elif provides many opportunities and put a lot of emphasis on supporting its employees' development parallel to the human resources strategy of the company.

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