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Our Business Model

Horizon of improvement never ends

For the last 50 years, we have come along a long way through challenges to reach our goals. In this long journey, we recognise that the horizon of improvement never comes closer, thanks to our vision of being a global benchmark flexible packaging company. In every phase of our transformation we target to achieve higher standards for our sustainability framework. This is the source of our never-ending enthusiasm and passion for our business.

Successful transformation of business into a global benchmark company

Elif’s successful transformation from business into a global benchmark company is leveraged by its value chain and growth strategies. With the well management of change, risks and capital based on its values, Elif’s sustainable growth model targets long term economic success in combination with environmental and social responsibility both in the workplace and marketplace of Elif.

We achieve sustainable growth and successful transformation from business into a Global Benchmark Company through our core values that map our business strengths and priorities, continuous change management, minimisation of risks by diversifying growth sources, disciplined management of capital, productivity and cost-efficient methods.


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